Why I craft?

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Hello, I'm Connie
 and I am thrilled that you stopped by to check out my blog. I hope you enjoy what you share and that I can inspire you in some small way. I am an avid scrapbooker and crafty person who enjoys sharing my talent with others by attending crops, teaching classes, and selling my creations. I have been crafting my entire life thanks to my mom and have been scrapbooking for over 21 years. I am excited and eager to make new Crafty friends!

Why Do I Craft?
Quite simply it brings me joy! It relaxes me and allows me to enter another dimension of my life where things are not stressful, people don’t demand things from me. and I can just let loose! Of course there still may be deadlines to meet but for some reason these deadlines do not not seem as critical to me as day to day deadlines. It is just purely my happy place!

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 I started Connie Can Crop several years ago because I wanted to meet other people who share the love for scrapbooking and cropping. Most of the local scrapbook stores in my area have closed or just do not have monthly crops. I started selling my items on eBay about 14 years ago as a way to make a few extra dollars. Nothing big! I also started selling my handmade items on Etsy. I hope I can inspire you and really do appreciate each and everyone of you!

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