Sunday, September 20, 2009

2nd Blog Candy Giveaway!!

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I promised a ribbon game a few weeks ago and here it is!! Wohoo! After I received my ribbon ring and organized it I decided I had to much extra ribbon. I would like to share some ribbon with you, my followers.

What you need to do is first become a follower. Then look at the photos above of my altered ribbon container. Guess how many pieces of ribbon are in the 48 oz. container and post your answer here. I am helping you out by giving you a view of every side of the 48 oz. container.
The 2 people who come closest to the actual number (without going over) will win a grab bag full of yummy ribbons.

RULES: The deadline for this contest will be October 5th.
Only one guess per person
You must become a follower to play
If you live outside the USA you may be asked to pay for shipping.

Have fun and Happy Guessing!


  1. Ok I am going to guess 227. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  2. Hi love ribbon, my guess is 168, she says crossing her fingers...

  3. I need more ribbon like I need a whole in my head, but I just can't help myself. I will guess 132.
    Thanks for the game.

  4. Well, I hardly need any more ribbon, but I love a fun guessing game. I'm going with 87.

  5. Connie, you finally enticed me from the ST Board :0) I love your website, especially the cards, which you know, I want to branch out into. I'll be back to figure out the contest. I just wanted to say "Hi" and that I love the blog. I hope to participate often. And, of course, learn something!

  6. I will go with 150. Lots of fun.

  7. I think 110 pieces. I just created a jar but didn't count how many pieces went but also not about to count them now.

  8. Oh, I'm so bad at these guessing games, but I'm going to go with 145. Thanks for a challenge, Connie! ;)

  9. Hi Connie! I say 357 ribbons. I like how you did your jar! Have a great day!

  10. I think I guessed really high after reading what everybody else guessed! :) Had fun playing!

  11. I know how fabric/ribbon can be squished, so I'm going with an even 200.

  12. Hmmm..this is tough. I will say 92.


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