Friday, June 28, 2013

Chuck E. Cheese

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So today should be a project or layout I've made recently but I thought instead of the normal post I would vent. 

Remember my really cute layout Say Cheese using an SVG from CK? 

Well I put it for sale on eBay.  And just got notice that I violated their policies and have been suspended for a week. Really? This is so stupid. I didn't even use the name Chuck E. Cheese on my listing. 

And here is what the CEC rep had to say. 

check this out...
Dear Ms. Wallenbrock:

Thank you for your inquiry.  CEC Entertainment Concepts, L.P.  ("CEC") has invested a substantial sum in acquiring and maintaining its trademarks, including the goodwill now associated with them all over the world.  The intellectual property rights associated with those trademarks are very valuable to CEC.  

While your endeavor  may be appear to a "small" issue, in the realities of trademarks rights this can create larger issues for us.   Trademark law requires trademark owners to diligently protect their rights or risk the ability to defend its rights against those who would seek to pirate away the trademark.  If we cannot protect our trademark we will lose our distinctiveness and ultimately our ability to be profitable.  

Your listing is not precisely as you describe in your email.  The materials contain a mouse image that is confusingly similar to Chuck E. Cheese and thus constitutes an unauthorized use of our trademarked character.  Also, the description in your listing contains the term "Chuck E." which is also deceptively similar to our trademarked name Chuck E. Cheese.    As you probably know the character Chuck E. Cheese is often referred to by us as well as others, as Chuck E.  Accordingly, we cannot allow you to use our trademarks, or confusingly similar likenesses, to promote your business.  

I hope this helps you understand why we police these the way we do.

David A. Deck, Esq.
Senior Director, Deputy General Counsel 

Can you believe this? I'm just a crafty gal trying to make some money so I can put food on the table. This guy needs to get a life!!

What are your thoughts?
Thanks for letting me vent!! By the way if you like my layout and want to buy one just let me know. Maybe I'll start selling more on etsy. 

Scrappy hugs!!


  1. I feel your frustration.
    Other companies will do the same thing.
    If they let even one person do it then a larger company could site that in legal proceedings and they could loose the rights to stop them from selling things with the CEC likeness.
    Honestly I am surprised more companies have not come after companies who sell SVGs with their copyrighted likenesses on them.
    Keep your chin up and don't let this ruin your crafty fun.
    They had to do it for legal reasons.

  2. Hang in there hon and don't take this personally!


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