Sunday, October 25, 2015

Question of the Week

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Here's this week's question...

Do you do anything to celebrate Halloween?

Connie- I guess I ask this question this year because I always LOVED Halloween!! But as my kids are now older I just don't care as much. No pumpkin patch or corn maze! No one wants to carve pumpkins with me. No one wants to take me to a party where I can dress up, and no wants to go to a haunted house with me. So this year I am carving my own pumpkin, watching tons of scary movies on tv (alone) and passing out candy to all the adorable kiddos who come knocking at my door. I sound so pathetic right? LOL! Maybe if I have the energy I will decorate the house. I used to make it really scary complete with music and black strobe light!

Angela- We do a haunted house as a family and then hubby and I get an adult night to a bigger haunted house! I always have great intentions on making things for the house and always run out of time 
unsure emoticon

Veronica- Craftywise, I like to do a project to include the children previous year's pictures. Once I did a mini album, the second year I did a spooky altered clock, the third a haunted house canvas. Another year I did a spooky house shadow box. Always including pictures. This year if a spooky banner, but I am doing a second one that does have the children pictures....

As tradition, well we take the children to a birthday party of a dear friend of them and then go treat or tricking to their neighborhood.

Daphne- We carve or paint pumpkins. My youngest son, who is 18 still walks around in costume with a few friends. This year we are going to a friend's wedding. I think it is neat that she is getting married on Halloween.

ok, It's your turn!!

Don't forget this month's fun challenge!!
Connie Can Crop Challenge #39
due 11:59 P.M. Saturday October 31st 

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  1. I went to an adult party last night and we have one planned for Halloween too! My son is a bit old for Trick or Treating these days...


  2. I love to see babies in their costumes. So I try to give out candy if it is not raining or cold. That's it for me!
    Question: Do you ever throw a layout in the trash because it is not going the way you want it too? I did last night and started over today. Looks better!!!


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