Sunday, December 20, 2015

Question of the Week

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Here is this week's question:
I would like to know if anyone else has a problem parting with the cards they make. I was going through my handmade Christmas cards last night to decide which card would go to which person and I ended up pulling out a few to keep myself because I like them so much! Maybe I'll be ready to part with them next year... or maybe not. -

Connie- I do have that problem sometimes too. LOL! So I just learned that I need to make an extra one for me always. So now most of my cards get made in duplicates. Sometimes I still end up giving my extra away but the really great ones I keep!

DaphneI have had that problem. Sometimes it's because I love them so much. Other times it's because I know the person I am getting ready to send it to is just going to toss it after the holidays and it makes me sad.

Angela If I really love the card, I'll make a second one so I can keep one for myself!

Veronica- Lol, the same here, I try to take pictures of my cards to keep the memory or to try to make them again, which I end up never doing... I just had a hard time parting with my last project though...

Kim-  I did until this year when I came to the realization I was taking up valuable storage space by hoarding cards...the result being I would fail to send someone a card because I didn't want to part with anything and couldn't find time to make a new card. Tisk Tisk! Now I'm not only giving cards for occasions, I'm also giving out little bundles to friends and for contests on my blog. I also don't sign my cards; rather, I put a little insert with my personal note. That way, they can give the card to someone new.

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  1. Well that's fabulous! You used my question! Thank you! I enjoyed reading everyone's answers! Seems like most of us feel the same, especially when a lot of time and love go into making our cards. In the end, I think Kim's got the right idea - I need more of what she's got! Sometimes I find it easier to part with my cards after I've made some new ones that hold a special place in my heart - I can hoard the new ones and give the previously hoarded ones a new home! Thanks, ladies!

  2. OMGosh yes I do!!! I have one of those cards right in front of me as I type as a matter of fact. lol. I made it last year after I had already sent my father-in-law his I made him. He collects and keeps each and every card I have ever made him. By that I mean he has built special shelves around his house where my cards are permanently displayed. So I know this one will be appreciated but a little part of me still wants to keep it. lol.
    What a fun topic. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,

  3. yes ,yes, yes! I hate to think all of my hard work and some expense will wind up in the garbage. My mother always saves mine and sometimes frames them so she gets the best...I feel good sending nice cards to fellow crafters as I feel they appreciate them as well. I shorten my list every year from those not deserving or appreciative. with that said I love to brighten the day of a friend and will often send out a no reason kind of card...when my work is again appreciated!


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