Sunday, March 27, 2016

Question of the Week

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Happy Easter!!
Christos Anesti!!

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This week's question is brought to us by Jean Bullock....
How do you celebrate Easter?

Connie- We are Catholic and observe Lent. So we give up meat on Fridays and also give up something personal or promise to do something better all throughout the Easter season. Being raised Greek, we dye some Easter eggs red and play a game with them at Easter dinner. Whoever has the egg that is uncracked is supposed to get good luck. It's fun! We don't really hide eggs anymore since my kids are big but I look forward to having grandchildren one day that I can do all those fun kiddie things for. Easter for me is really about remembering that Jesus died for us. And for being with my family. Thankful that I am blessed to have them in my life. And if they live far away I spend an hour on the phone with them. Always!

Angela- This year I didn't feel like hosting but of course am doing it anyway...BUT....I'm not doing a traditional dinner. We are going to BBQ hotdogs and burgers! We always have a little egg hunt for my boys, their cousins and the neighbor and just hang out the rest of the day smile emoticon

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Veronica- My nephews come for visit, so it is really fun. We usually go to Mass and when we come back we do the Easter egg hunt for the kids. We really love to see the children so happy.

Kim- Our Easter day will consist of church in the morning. Later in the day we go to an Easter brunch at a beautiful hotel overlooking the water. The room is beautifully appointed and the food is beyond what you could possibly expect and we eat ourselves into a stupor and then walk (more like waddle after all that eating) along the water's edge.

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  1. WE have no particular 'traditions' other than worship services on Good Friday and Sunday. This year we shared meals with family - I say meals as that is just the way it happened, one meal with both of the local families - oh, and as grandparents, we spoiled them with (chocolate) eggs too.


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