Monday, April 17, 2017

Question of the Week

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It's that time again!!
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Here is today's question!!
April's QOTM from our follower Bunny: Her question is: If you wanted to teach someone about paper crafting what are the 6 tools would you tell them are must haves? 
Shannon- Well....#1-definitely a paper trimmer. #2-tape runner. #3-I like to have a separate ruler from my trimmer. I think it makes things easier to line up your pictures and center them. #4-....I'm starting to struggle lol. I think I would say scissors for light trimming. #5-I'm gonna go with a glue pen of sorts. I think if you had those five things you would be well and good. If I have to pick a sixth item which it likes like I do :) I am going with a Cricut!! I love mine!! It's the best!! You could live without it, but I don't know why you would want to!!

Angela- Scissors, good card stock, glue pen & liquid glass, stamps/ink (has to be a good brand!), die cutting machines are nice to have if it's in your budget and I love my big shot and all of my dies!

Veronica- My go to have ones are paper trimmer (I have 1 in each corner or bag in my house), craft knight and/or scissors (for sure scissors), stamping blocks/stamps (basic ones at least Happy Birthday), rulers (nice broad ones, like CTMH or Martha Stewart's), Tape runners, and a die cutting machine (my big shot or baby blue die cutting machine/ basic dies, for manual cutting; or cricut for electronic cutting). My to go bag has scissors, ruler, paper trimmer, tape runners, stamps and blocks (mini inks), sanding block, and a variety of glues.

MarjiPaper trimmer, good precision scissors, quality adhesive, quality paper, stamps and ink pads

Kim-I would say start with good quality inks, paper, trimmer, adhesive, scissors and stamps, of course. But, my gosh, there's so much more I would want them to have to really enjoy the experience.

Sue- Paper trimmer, score board, printer, WeRMemory Keepers magnet cutting mat (helps me get things straight), Cuttlebug (or something similar) and a credit card with a very high credit line.

Connie- I have to say this is a challenging question for the girls that packs everything but the kitchen sink! LOL! I would say: scissors, adhesive, trimmer, my cricut, paper, pens.

So there you have it Bunny...looks like you are all set to teach your next class!!
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  1. Thanks, y'all. I really loved Sue's comment about a credit card with a high credit line. LOL.
    Great answers from everyone. Starting out years ago I would have loved for someone to tell me some of these things. Especially about paper, ink and trimmers.

  2. Great question and answers. I have a question: How small does a scrap have to be to be too small to hold on to?


  3. #1) paper trimmer - I love my Fiskars!
    Copy and paste this URL to see what I use.

    #2) Good adhesive tape runner!

    #3) multipurpose tool to help with positioning stickers and paper, etc. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool! I have several in case I misplace one during a project, I have a spare or three! Lol!

    #4) Girl, you need a ruler! My rulers (Yep, that a is supposed to be there--plural) are marked up, smudged up, and look awful, but the old adage rings true: Measure twice and cut once! I am all the time positioning my pictures, tags, journaling boxes, to help my ruler and I determine how much room I have to make a die cut, etc. My rulers are nothing special any will do.

    #5) Cardstock and paper. I buy cardstock in packages in 12x12, because I also scrapbook, at any store with a good deal! I also buy patterned paper packs the same way that fit the themes I am working on at the time!

    #5) Some stamps to match your theme!

    #6) A corner rounder is a nice tool to have and adds a different look to your pages/card!

    The most important tool is to have fun! I take pictures of the cards I create before giving them away in case I want to make more! I scrapbook too! I put the date on the first 2 page spread I did and added that they were my first 2 pages! It is fun to see how far I have come in skills, techniques, etc. over the past 15 years! Enjoy!


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