Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Question of the Week

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It's that time again!!
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Here is today's question!! 
From our dedicated follower Karen Ladd
"What do you do with the cards and projects that you make? Do you give them away or let them pile up?"

AngelaI try and give them away unless it's something that I absolutely love that I made! I always feel like I never have the occasion of s card that I need though!

VeronicaLol, both, some I give to friends or family. The rest just pile up.

MarjiLast year I discovered a lady selling cards at a mall. I send her a bunch of cards every few months and she sells them for me. I get a little money here and there. Otherwise they pile up. I quit sending them to extended family because they aren't appreciated.

While I don't intend to, I allow them to pile up....and up....and up.

Sue-  I have piles of cards and other projects coming out of my ears. Whenever I need to send a birthday card I always make a fresh one, it just seems more personal to me than pulling one from my stash.

Connie- I actually have quite a stock pile for my own personal use. I send out all my own cards, I refuse to buy any! I also sell my cards on Etsy and at craft shows. I have also donated cards to places like women's shelters, to the military, Hospitals, Senior Centers and to other organizations. SO if you have a huge pile of cards that need to find a home may I suggest you donate them to organizations in your local area.

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  1. Mine are somewhat piled up. I never buy a card as the family/friends love the homemade ones. I do sell them when I can. Like anything else, you never make enough money to cover what you made. So, it's a labor of love. I mail some out that I don't even want to get rid of because I know they are going to be thrown out......wahhhhh! I make some for our church, too. We have a K.I.T.E. ministry. That means Keep In Touch Everyday. Especially with the elderly, the shut ins, the sick. Everyone loves to get a card. I donate some cards, too Whew...........sorry, that was a long answer. [Bunny]

  2. I generally make mine for specific people/occasions, but I also sell quite a few, which helps fund my addiction, oops, hobby I mean.

  3. Looks like many of us tend to stock-pile our cards. I am always trying to remind myself to send them out, but I often miss birthdates and other holidays. That being said, I still send them out (late or not!!) when I remember. There are several nursing homes in the area and I donate birthday and Thinking of You cards to them several times a year, and also give packets of cards as gifts. Like Sue though, I often make up a fresh card for a birthday, in order to personalize it. That means cards still left in my stash!


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