Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year my friends!

Sorry to drop off the face of the earth for a little while but sometimes life takes on some interesting journeys. I guess I should fill you all in....

I started a new job for United Parcel Service in October as a Supervisor at the Airport. It's a really great job with amazing benefits. I am very lucky to have it. But along with the great job comes, many long hours (especially during the Christmas holidays) and less time for crafting. I am learning to balance working full time with being a good wife and mom, and running my home ebay and etsy businesses. Needless to say I am super busy and have very little time for much else.

So I decided to let my blog take a different direction this year. No longer do I have a design team. It's sad because those girls: Angela, Kim, Veronica, Sue and Marji dedicated so much time to my blog and really became a daily part of my life! I value them and their friendships so much!! I will no longer be doing monthly challenges. It's just too hard to get the sponsorships and we have such few participants anyways. I will continue the blog hops for now. And will be staying on with Miss Kate Cuttables. So I will be posting my own projects occasionally.

 I'd like to bring some other fun in to my blogging...maybe pressure cooker recipes, weight loss tips, videos...what ever floats my boat! LOL! We will see...all depends on how much time I have to play!

For now I hope you will stick around and visit me every now and again! At least for the blog hops! These girls work hard for them! And thank you all for being there to support all these years!! I truly am grateful for you all!

Come on back Wednesday...for the last Challenge winners of 2017!!


  1. Congrats on your new job! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us this year. I'm not always around but I happened to be passing through today. Happy 2018!

  2. Happy New Year. You have a great job with UPS. It can be challenging balancing it all but you have to eat so you have to work. You'll find a good balance. [Bunny]

  3. Even though I will no longer be posting to your blog as one of your DT members, I will still stop by when you post and share some love. I think the ideas for expanding your blog to include lifestyle posts. Have a wonderful 2018!

    1. Aww thanks Kim!! I'm so glad we will still be together at Mkc


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