Friday, June 13, 2014

Super Dad Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Super Dad Blog Hop

We Love our Dads!
We are here to honor and celebrate all our Super Dads this weekend the best way us crafters know how, with a blog hop showcasing some amazing projects. We hope that our projects will show Dads everywhere just how special they are to us all.

Connie Can Crop (that's me) is the first stop on this Blog Hop.

This is a one day blog hop and we appreciate your leaving a comment for all of these talented friends who are here sharing their ideas and creations. 

We have an awesome sponsor and giveaway for this hop!

What do you need to do to win? Easy... become  a follower of each of the fabulous blogs in this hop and leave each of them a comment letting them know what you like best about their projects. Then stop by our sponsor's page at be sure to like her on facebook!! 

You will have until 12:00 am Monday to finish the hop and leave your comments. 

Winner will be announced on Wednesday at Connie Can Crop.

Be sure to follow everyone and leave a comment  along the way!

 I am super lucky to have three amazing MEN in my life!!
 My husband is a great DAD and my boys are lucky to have him in their lives!
I am pretty lucky too! 
My Dad is just the sweetest and cutest Dad ever and I love and miss him so much.
Florida is just too far away!
And then my Father in-law, Jim. A girl could not ask for a better In Law.
He is charming and so fun to be around. I really am blessed.
I decided to toy around with some cool mugs I purchased a while ago at Dollar Tree. I love that they are Ball Jar Mugs. They remind me of the beer mug my dad had when I was little. He always kept it in the freezer so his beer would be nice and cold.
Using my Silhouette Cameo and a file I found on the Internet I was able to Trace and Cut these Images of the Duck Dynasty Characters on to the glasses. The heavy duty silver vinyl should last a really long time because it is the outdoor strength and made for all temps.
 Who can resist Phil Robertson with his Happy Happy Happy? And of course Uncle Si? He cracks me up! Hey Listen here Jack! It's Father's Day!! So have a great one!
LoveBugs Creations Rumple Ribbon adds the finishing touch!!
Whether our dads add beer or sweet tea to these mugs I am sure they will bring laughs and smiles to their faces! Hope you enjoyed them too.
Want your own? I may be adding these to my Etsy store.
Thanks so much for hopping along with me today!!

 Up next is my awesome friend Alicia!
Here is our complete line up in case you get lost along the way:


Thanks so much for joining us! Happy Father's Day to all the Men in our lives!!


  1. what a great memory! my dad always kept a glass mug in the fridge, too! any of the men in my family would love these! great project!

  2. I love the mugs Connie! They are awesome! Uncle Si is my favorite too!

  3. Duck Dynasty is genius for a theme with your mugs! Love your pictures too! Thank you for hosting this hop, Connie........Happy Father's Day!

  4. These beer mugs are awesome!!!!

  5. Love the Ball Jar mugs, I remember them well from my youth. Great use of this heavy duty vinyl. GREAT Father's Day gifts.


  6. This is a neat idea. Thanks for letting me be in the hop.

  7. GREAT idea! Love them. Can I special order one with something else on it???

    1. Of course you can Kathy. Just let me know what you want. I can pretty much anything. You know me!

  8. Love this idea. Does the vinyl stay on well after washing the mugs?

    1. HI Crafty Girl. Thanks for joining us! Yes the vinyl does stay on. I use a heat tool on it for a few minutes to really seal it on and remove any bubbles. It stays on in the dishwasher and in hand washing. Just be sure not to scrub the heck out of it.

  9. Great Blog Hop~ Thanks for the invite! I joined anyone I hadn't already. Left comments. It was all great!

  10. I love your mugs!! Uncle Si is my favorite from Duck Dynasty, too. Thanks again for the invite to be in your blog hop and I look forward to the next one! :)

  11. these are awesome. please let me know if you sell some.


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