Sunday, November 8, 2015

Question of the Week

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Here's this week's question... courtesy of our follower

Rachelle Olaridge

She wants to know: Do you ever throw a layout in the trash because it is not going the way you want it too? I did last night and started over today. Looks better!!!

Connie- I have to laugh because I am guilty as charged! I am so OCD and it shows in my scrap area as well as on my layouts. If I do not like something (even if everyone around me does) I have been known to try and repair it to my liking and if I can't I pull my pictures off and throw it away and start over! Two years ago I bought a Scrap N Easel to help me lay out my layouts before I glue them down. I haven't thrown a layout out completely since then.

Angela- I haven't made a layout for myself in a LOONNGGG time (it's a good thing my boys haven't noticed yet that their books are incomplete) but I used to all the time. Or after a few drinks while my girlfriend and I would scrap, the next morning it would be totally lopsided and I would have to remake! Haha!

VeronicaIn art, there is nothing one can do wrong, at least is what used to tell my students at scrapbooking 101 at Michaels. And it is true, one might not be in love with the result, but for sure somebody is going to like it. I had done a lot of t of repositioning and fixed some mistakes by putting new embellishments, but I haven't thrown again a layout yet. However, I have left many to be finished at some time, I hope someday I will ;-))

Daphne- I have never thrown a layout away. I always keep working with it until it's what I want. I have torn it all apart and started over. 

ok, It's your turn to answer!!

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  1. If it's at the point where I want to trash it, that means I'm really frustrated with it, so I generally rip it in half first. And then I get really angry at myself because, truth be told, there was probably a way to fix it. I realized after doing this too many times, I'm a perfectionist and my own worse enemy. Now I stop, put it aside, take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes the next day.

  2. Hi Rachelle,
    I start over if I don't like it, although I don't throw it away. I take it apart and whatever I don't use I keep in my extra scrap pile. You can always use the leftovers for a card, a tag, embellishment, or exchange. Recycle and reuse! Yes, I am a scrap hoarder! LOL!
    Happy scrapping!

  3. I rarely trash a layout...there are many more to get done, so if I don't like it, I will just finish it best I can and move on


  4. I have never thrown a layout away. I usually put it aside and come back to it later.

  5. Wow!!! Thanks so much Connie for using my question. Fantastic answers too. I have done mostly everything mention here. Since I love using layers it is the top layer that get's trashed. Lately after using mixed media, trashing the top layer and restart has been the norm for me. Glad I am not along. Thank you ladies!!!
    Love & Hugs!!!!!


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