Monday, November 16, 2015

Thankful Thoughts

Pin It Let me begin by saying I'm very thankful to have been asked by Connie Can Crop to be a guest designer today....not to mention tickled pink!

That got me to thinking about thankfulness and, as usual, my mind kicked into fifth gear and to all the people I want or need to thank at Christmas (which will be here in the blink of an eye); so I decided to focus on making thank you/money enclosure cards for the people I've come to depend upon all year long.

First up, the mailman.  Our mailman, Rod, is probably one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet and always goes out of his way for everyone in the neighborhood.  The money holder base is my own design, so I'm happy to share a .pdf template or a Silhouette V3 cut file.

Special Delivery 1 

Next, our groomer; although this would work equally well for a pet sitter, trainer or other person involved with your dog.  I just love that soft, fluffy, sweet smelling pup I get back from DeAnna at The Dog House each month.  Katy, on the other hand, is not so thrilled at having a spa day.

Yappy Howlidays 1 

Third, the wait staff who take such good care of us at an eatery we frequent.  This is a cute way to thank anyone in the food industry.  There's the gingerbread girl in pink and the gingerbread boy in blue.  Inside is the Christmas Dough...little play on words there!

Christmas Dough 1 

And finally, the garbage man.  I call this a card, but it's also an insurance policy to make sure our trash can stays in the relative vicinity of the driveway, upright and covered.  I wanted to put a silly sentiment inside, "One man's another man's Christmas present", but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate, so I went with a simple Merry Christmas.

Garbage Collection 1

I still have more to do…my hair dresser and the newspaper man for sure.  Then I’ll probably think of a few more to make in a last minute panic. 


  1. Such adorable cards!! SO glad you came and brightened up my blog today! thank you!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! you knocked these christmas money holders out of the park! Amazing job Kim =)

  3. Wow, Kim great job. We are delighted with your work. I will definitively have to ask you to please share that PDF or svg file with me ;-)
    Beautiful. TFS

  4. Oh my goodness Kim! I would love for you to share the svg file with me! All of your projects are so cute!


  5. Thanks ladies!

    Veronica, the .pdf is on my blog under the Hints, Tips & Tutorials page (Money Enclosure Card). I used to be able to convert Silhouette files to .svg easily. The latest version doesn't allow that and I haven't yet figured out how to convert it.


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