Sunday, February 14, 2016

Question of the Week

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Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at Connie Can Crop!!

Remember.. I want you to answer the question in the comment section too!
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This week I asked the question...  I want to know...
Do you ever recycle or repurpose cards you received?

Connie- I save many of my cards I get that are handmade. I like to use them in my layouts. I also think it is cool to pass them on to others so they may enjoy their beauty. Do you do that? Do you think it is wrong to send someone else's card to another person? I always wonder if I am breaking a crafting code of ethics. I'd love to know.

Daphne-  I do repurpose the front of Christmas cards sometimes. But never any others.

Angela- All the time. I don't always have a card I need on hand so I use some that I've gotten from different swaps I've been in or have received. My grandmother taught me that little one smile emoticon just cut the top off the folded card and write on the back of it!
 smile emoticon
Veronica- Only the ones I had made and don't really like. Like my first attend to make them with my cricut.

Kim-  Never. There are some I would llike to recycle and I do keep them for that purpose, but forget I have them when it comes time to make a new card.

ok, It's your turn to answer!!

don't forget this month's fun challenge!!

Connie Can Crop Challenge #43
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  1. I would never recycle a handmade card I received - I keep each and every one - I'm sentimental like that! But I do save and reuse the images from store-bought Christmas cards that I've received. You can really do a lot with them - haven't done it in a while but I used to when I had less time to make Christmas cards. Now I make them all year long so I'm not as pressed for time in November/December. This was a good question!

  2. I recycle cards - I do not receive many handmade cards but I have to admit - if there is something on it I want to use on another creation - well I tend to recycle - but that does not happen often since I do not receive many handmade cards - I have every single card my husband gave to me - so I would never consider recycling those - I do recycle Christmas cards - thanks for asking - have a nice week Happy Valentines Day!

  3. I never did, I think they are something special somebody made for me... am I too sentimental?
    Maybe I should do with some of mine I don't like, to see if I can improve them, maybe using the elements I like and put on the bin what I don't like at all... but I always want to do something new, so I don't know if I will spend time on something old, hahaha...


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