Monday, February 29, 2016

Question of the Week

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Happy Leap Day!!

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This week's question comes from Annie
Her question is 'What is the most important thing to tell your children?' 

Connie-  This is a tough one Annie! There are so many important things to tell your children. I tell mine never to give up on themselves. To be whatever they want to be and not to let anyone make them be or do things they don't want to. That family is important! But I think the most important thing you can tell your children is that you LOVE them. Tell them every chance you get! It builds self esteem and confidence and makes you both feel amazing inside!!

Daphne-  love you! No matter where you go, what you do or who you are, I will love you. I would do anything for you. Nothing you can do can change how much I love you. 
I may not always approve but I will ALWAYS love you.

Angela- That I love them unconditionally even when they drive me up the wall 
wink emoticon do your best and never let anyone tell them that they can't. And to just have fun. Life isn't a guaranteed thing and it needs to be enjoyed!

Veronica- That I love them above everything and that they should always trust me to listen to any concern or doubt they might have. The last one is mostly to get them to tell me anything what happens at school (bulling concerns).

Kim-  I have no children, so I don't know what I would think is the most important thing to share. But I just saw a quote the other day which I think would be appropriate advice to give any child. "While it is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice."

ok, It's your turn to answer!!

Annie send me a message to claim your prize!! And thanks for the great question!!

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  1. I guess in most situations, I have always encouraged my kids to do the right thing - the thing that is moral, even if doing the right thing is harder and more uncomfortable.


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