Sunday, June 26, 2016

Question of the Week

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Today's GREAT question comes from Jean Bullock.....
I have been wondering how crafters manage to bring their supplies with them when they fly. I have read that liquid things and anything that could be used as a weapon are not allowed. Obviously craft knives and tool in one products etc could be used in that way. Is that only for carry-on luggage or does that apply to ALL luggage?

Angela- I don't ever travel and bring craft stuff...I don't have any local friends that craft nor do I have any when I go home to NY (well my former home!). I just craft on my own!
Veronica – When I travel, I do bring my to-go craft bag and some other supplies. I bring small quantities, and a skinny paper trimmer, but I bring it in my regular luggage. In my carry-on I put some WOTG paper packs, which might be heavier.

Kim- I don't travel with craft fact, I don't travel at all. But if I did need to get craft supplies from Point A to Point B, I think I would look into shipping them. I'd actually feel my stuff would be safer than way than in the hands of TSA if I packed all the stuff in a suitcase to be checked.

Connie- I actual travel with craft supplies all the time. My stuff has gone on cruises, and flown to Florida, Colorado, and Utah. It's really pretty easy if you ask me. All of the sharp objects like scissors, tools, and trimmers go in my checked luggage. My liquid adhesives too (in ziplock baggies). But the rest of my projects, markers, and such go in my smallest suit case that fits in the over head carry on compartment. That way I know my papers and photos are not getting damaged under the plane. I have never lost anything and have never had anything break. And then I can work on my projects while on vacation when I have a break!

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  1. I don't travel with craft supplies, but I do go every year (and I do bring a lot of stuff),to scrapbook at the Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, CA. I usually go by myself, but I always end of meeting new friends.

  2. Martha, that sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I've travelled and taken along craft supplies but only when hubby drives to wher3e we are going. I have a rolling cart that I put craft items in; nothing large but it fits a paper trimmer and other supplies. Have a Bee-utiful day!
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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