Sunday, July 17, 2016

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Today's question is in honor of 4th of July
If you could give a new stamper one tip that has improved your own stamping, what would it be?
Angela-  I have been using close to my hearts suggestion more and more, and getting very nice stamp lines. They suggest using a foam pad under your paper for a more even stamped image (if you have any ctmh stamps, use the lad that comes in each set). Also, make sure you have a quality ink. I bought cheap ink in the beginning not knowing and it was horrible.
Veronica – Good question. I would be in my case to use a foamy mat or an special stamping mat (thicker foam) to stamp more even. And To apply even pressure only in the center of the stamping block.
Kim- The thing that has improved my stamping by leaps and bounds is the MISTI. It isn't cheap and I hesitated quite a while before getting one, but all my stamped images are crisp and clean, no rocking, no smudges. I love it! And now they have a smaller version which is slightly less expensive (and a larger one for scrapbookers). This is a non-paid endorsement.

Connie- I also use a foam mat of some sort for padding under whatever I am stamping. It really does help with the image quality. I also find that if you store your ink pads upside down, they don't dry out as bad. Always do a test image first before you stamp your finished project. And I like to put my stamp face up on the table (on a block) and then use the ink pad to ink it by dabbing the ink pad on to the stamp instead of putting the stamp in the ink. (hope I didn't confuse you!) I also love the idea of the misti but I refuse to spend that kind of money on one so I found a tutorial and am making my very own. Stay tuned!! I will be sharing the video soon!
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  1. Yes always use a foam pad a if you don't have use a magazine or some copy paper so there is a gentle give under the stamping card. Use older ink pads if you want the no lines techie to give a faint out line. Alway on new stamps stick some cello tape to the rubber rub then peel off it removes the layer of film that is on to protect the stamp and you will get a cleaner print now.
    Question - are you a tape person or wet glue person for sticking your papers. I tend to use tape but it has no wiggle time like glue but have been know to go over my tape with print stick to help

  2. I just saw the MISTI is on sale today 7/18 only. If you were wanting it, you can get it today for 15% off.

  3. I found also (since I am new to stamping) to makes ure to use the right kind of paper. That is a must! Just ordered mine online. LOVE IT!


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