Monday, January 18, 2016

Question of the Week 1/18/16

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This week's question comes from CASS
she wants to know:
Do you keep all those little offcuts of cardstock/patterned paper. I have a box full that I don't think I will ever use, but hate to throw these little pieces out, just incase.

Connie- I do! I have a medium Close To My Heart Storage Box Full of them that I take with me to crops and another container that I leave at home. Those scraps are great for cards but I use them mostly for die cutting with my Cricut. I hate wasting a full sheet of paper for a small flower or pair of eyeballs.

DaphneYes I have WAY too many scraps. I have been trying to learn to thin some of them out. I keep every little scrap when I am working on a project. But once I am done with the project I toss anything that is small now. I still have lots of scraps for my specialty paper. I also have a filing system by color of all my bazzill scraps.

Angela- Yes! I have a file folder from creative memories that stores scraps so well! I do by color, and then the back is glitter card stock and patterned (as well as holiday theme). I also have a folder system for my HTV and then 2 for vinyl (indoor and outdoor). I've made goals with all my hops I'm in, I can only use scraps. Helps a lot!

Veronica- Well, for this one my answer is that I do. I usually keep the scraps with the paper packs (ctmh wotg) or in with their solid companions. I also have coupon folders full of scraps sorted by color (I wish I kept doing this ...) or big folder plastic envelopes with all mixed scraps. The worst ones are the cricut leftovers or negatives. I try, when I get a chance to punch shapes out of them (butterflies, hearts, stars,...) or I put my kids to that task. I used to send those shapes to my kids' preK teacher. Now I have a big chaos. I need to go back to organizing by colors and make shapes. And of course use them later...

Kim-  Oh yes, I have lots and lots and LOTS of scraps. I have them divided into colors in a cropper hopper, but I have more than the hopper will hold, so now I have a stack to file sitting on top. It's cumbersome to get into this hopper now so what do I do? I go get a new sheet of card stock and create still more scraps! One of my projects this year is to go in and tame this wild beast and get rid of anything small. Then I'm going to take some larger pieces and dry emboss them for give-aways on my blog. That way I get rid of them without throwing them out.

ok, It's your turn to answer!!

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  1. I have a box of scraps but have been trying each week to use scraps from the box - sometimes I take time and cut them up in squares - I used to keep every little scrap but find I will NEVER use of all of those scraps in my lifetime - so I give them away or toss them - depends on the mood I am in I guess - great question!

  2. I keep most of mine. I have my paper sorted by color, except for my CTMH, some collections and the pads. I have a big ziplock bag (the ones that are about 14 inches) with the scraps in each container. I always see them first when I go for a color so I check them before going for a full sheet.

  3. Goodness, I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one.
    I try to use them. Sometimes I guess sort of gift things like this to new crafters. My friend has a 16 year old daughter wants to begin crafting. So I will send her a RAK.

  4. I sort most of my scraps by color. I do keep collections together...even scraps. When I get close to the end of a collection, I will try to just "use it up" and toss the rest of file them by color


  5. Guilty of this too!! Glad I am not the only one that has a stash of scraps. I keep saying I will go through them and get rid of some but so far that has not happened


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