Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You Tube Tuesday- Tear Bears- Beary Sweet Challenge

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Happy Tuesday..... I hope today you are visiting us to get inspired. The video I found to share with you today is keeping in theme with this month's challenge! Beary Sweet!! This is a video instructing you in the making of Tear Bears. Check it out!

Now check out this month's challenge- here.

I hope you get inspired by something you see today and get out there and get crafty!!

Thanks for stopping by today. 




  1. Thank was a fab video on making a fuzzy bear - she did a great job on that - reminds me of Fuzzy Wassy was a bear...

  2. Oh gosh, this brings back memories. Remember when tear bears were all the rage? I loved them. I tried making a tear bear not too long ago, but the mulberry paper I had wasn't thick enough. She wasn't kidding when she said you need to have EXTRA thick/heavy paper.


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