Sunday, January 10, 2016

Question of the Week

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This week's question comes from Carrie at abusybee
she wants to know:
Do you feel the pressure of wanting the latest and greatest in product lines and struggle with knowing that you have tons of now "old" latest and greatest supplies that you haven't had time to use yet?

Connie- Totally not gonna lie here! LOL! I am guilty! I love the latest and greatest and I tend to have to have it all! When money allows! But if you saw my craft room you would see that I also have way too much stuff which is why I am really limiting myself this year to trying to use what I have. I do have to say having a cricut that cuts cartridges and svgs has helped in cost so much because now I spend most of money on the newest papers only!

Daphne I was very involved in the crafting industry for several years. I had my own company and have appeared in several DVDs. I used to want the hottest and newest things. Then I had a life changing event occur. I no longer have the money to purchase crafting supplies. I don't even look any more because it makes me sad that I can't purchase them. So I only use older supplies. I have plenty and can still do wonder things with them. You don't need the hottest and newest, you just need to use your imagination!!

Angela- I can go either way. I am limited on space since my son kicked me out of my craft room so I can't have too to much anymore wink emoticon and I have a ton now! But if it's something I really feel the need for, it will be mine!

Veronica- I get carry away many times with the newest trend, then I think of all the stuff I have hoarded since I started scrapbooking more seriously and try to shop in my closet first before buying something new. However, It is hard to resist the newest Tim Holtz or Graphic 45 products to mention a few of my weakness...

Kim-  I'm guilty of giving in to the lure of the newest tool on the block. And what I buy is directly related to the video tutorials I watch. Truth be told, I have more new things than the time to use them. Despite the fact that I do fall prey to the hype, I don't think it's necessary to have every new product to make great projects. Having less spurs imagination.

ok, It's your turn to answer!!

Carrie send me a message to claim your prize!! And thanks for the great question!!

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  1. I am a bit slow on getting new trendy items. I trend to stick to the basic tools.

    Do you keep all those little offcuts of cardstock/patterned paper. I have a box full that I don't think I will ever use, but hate to throw these little pieces out, just incase.

  2. Yes I find a struggle in purchasing PAPER!! I Like Paper - I have like paper since a small girl ... We moved this year and boy did I find out all of the papers I have on hand - some have NEVER been opened - so this year I am doing my best to NOT buy papers - My husband told some friends the other day that I have so much paper if I stacked it up in a pile it would be taller than he is! Yikes! I think he might be right! This year I am trying NOT to buy paper, So far so good [but I am sure I will stumble]

    Question: What is the best type of glue to use - I am experimenting with glues but would like to know what others have found that work well. Thanks

  3. That would be a definite YES! I seem to want all the latest and greatest! However, I can't afford it! So I wait until birthdays and Christmas to get crafty goodies.

  4. OMGosh if I am honest the answer would have to be a big huge YES. I am blessed to have a ton of crafting goodies but darn those fab creators keep coming up with new things I loVe.
    My name is Dawn and I have an addiction...

    Question: Do you send out Valentine cards to friends and family or do you limit it to your significant other?
    Crafty hugs,

  5. I really enjoyed reading all the answers! I need to stay off of social media, I always feel the need more when I see it repeatedly posted! Carri~Abusybee


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