Sunday, April 3, 2016

Question of the Week

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This week's question is brought to us by one our own DT members, Kim
What’s one purchase you’ve made you later regretted?

Connie- For me I usually wait a while before I jump and buy something. I don't have the luxury of extra money for big purchases so I really want to see what the reviews are and hear from people I know whether or not they love the product first. The only thing I did buy that I can remember that I regret is this paper cutter machine. I don't even remember the name. But you would put your sheet in the top of it and it would cut it into perfect strips or mats when you cranked the handle. I thought I would really use it but it was so bulky and just not my thing. If you know what I am talking about and remember the name please share it in the comments!!

Angela- I kind of love everything I have bought. My problem is I just buy too much. You should see my paper! I have no space for it and I just can't get rid of it. One day...I may just use it. I guess if I had to pick something, it would be the millions of stickers I have....way before cricut or silhouette, I used stickers on my scrapbook pages. Those days are long gone and the stickers just sit.

Kim- I've have many regrets over impulse purchases after seeing a demonstration or video. I have things like gamsol, chameleon markers, rubber cement and on and on and don't remember why I even have some of them. However, my single largest regret is the Cricut which is been sitting, untouched, since the day I bought it. Not that I don't love what I can produce with it, but I'm so at ease working with the Silhouette I hate the thought of having to remember how to use the Cricut again and I have a space issue so bringing it out means I have to find a spot for it.

Veronica- I completely agree with Kim. I am guilty of charge. I have mini minc, I am not happy about it. The same with a crafting station I have to learn how to use. Just to name a few... not to mention the many products I have doubles because I forgot I didn't have previously and in an impulse I buy again...

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