Monday, April 18, 2016

Question of the Week

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This week's question is brought to us by one our own DT members
How do you juggle your job/family/life with crafting. Any time management tips you have to share?

Connie- If you ask my husband I don't juggle it very well. But I think I do! Because I would rather be creating in my space all day everyday than doing anything else! But I don't. I still do the cooking, laundry and cleaning. LOL! My kids are a teens now and really don't hang out with me much so I have alot of time to myself. Plus it helps that crafting is also part of my income so I can use that as my reason to make time to do it. I try to get my craft on at least an hour a day. Most days it is more and some days it is none at all. 

Angela-  I craft when I can. Usually i'm scrambling at the last minute to get things done. The boys take up the majority of my time and leaves me with very little down time to myself. I would say organization would be key advice, but i'm not sure if I would listen to me...You should see my craft area!

Kim- I don't juggle well at all. I craft when I can, but don't plan. If there's one tip I would share, it would be to stay as organized as you can so you don't spent whatever time you do have in your craft room looking for supplies.

Veronica- I craft, whenever I can. Mostly really late at night (after my kiddos and husband have gone to bed) or if I can during the day when nobody is around. And I agree with you ladies. My worst time-wasted is to search for an specific supply. Just recently I had to go and buy a new modeling paste because I couldn't find after 3 days of searching 2 that I bought before. Really frustrating. Yeah. Top tip, organize your supplies, either by season, Holliday, color, or project type. Doesn't matter your preference, just find an organization way that works for you and stay stick to it.

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  1. Sorry - no hints as DH and I are retired and I theoretically have all the time I may want to craft, but family will always come first, and so do gardens and cooking and cleaning etc. I do keep my supplies fairly organised, so that helps when I do get to craft....

  2. I am lucky enough to be retired now, with both of my "kids" out of the house and on their own, so I theoretically have all the time in the world to craft. However, I sometimes feel like I'm less organized now than when I juggled work and family...and so get less done. I used to craft late at night, after everyone was asleep...and I still like to craft at night. Organizing and putting everything away after I'm done seems to does not letting my craft hoard get too out of control!

  3. My question to you Connie is about stamp sets with matching dies. I don't know if you use them or not (as you seem to do a lot of Cricut projects instead). However, I never know how to store them. I store my stamp sets by manufacturer, and my dies separately. But can't figure out how to store the matching sets! Thanks.


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