Sunday, April 24, 2016

Question of the Week

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This week's question is brought to us by Karenladd
My Question is about stamp sets with matching dies. I don't know if you use them or not. However, I never know how to store them. I store my stamp sets by manufacturer, and my dies separately. But can't figure out how to store the matching sets! Thanks. -

Connie- I actually have a few sets of stamps and dies. I store them in my Acrylic Stamp organizer that Close to my Heart makes. It works great!! I can file them one in front of the other and then I always know where they are. I also have a few sets that don't fit in that organizer so the dies go in my  pink Quickutz binder. If you'd like more info on the CTMH container you can find it here.

Angela- I only have a few stamps with matching dies...they have their own little container (all brands are mixed). I only use 2 brands of stamps so it's a little easier for me.

Kim- I've always kept my stamps and dies separate, but that was when stamp/die sets were few and far between. I'm not going to change my entire system now, but were I doing it again, I think I just might follow the idea I saw on Jennifer McGuire Ink for keeping them together in a clear pocket and file them.

Veronica- Just recently, I started to accumulate some stamps with matching dies. I am storing them together in one of those containers that come with magnetic sheet for the dies and leave the stamps on their plastic. Wrapping either bellow or a above the dies sheets. I am still debating for a better way to store them though.

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  1. When I answered the question of the week, I referred to a video by Jennifer McGuire. For some reason,I can't find the exact video I saw which shows combining both the stamps and dies, but this video shows you the system. She simply puts the dies on one side of the cardstock and the stamps on the other:

  2. Thanks for picking and answering my question Connie. Thanks also to everyone who gave me ideas on how to handle the stamps and matching dies. I don't have many of those matching sets but they are adding up and I already struggle with organizing my supplies so something needs to be done! I like the idea of using the clear plastic envelopes and storing dies and stamps together.


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