Monday, May 29, 2017

Question Of The Week

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It's that time again!!
Remember.. I want you to answer the question
 in the comment section too!
if you have a question to ask for an upcoming week add that in the comments too, if you ask a question and I use it you will win a prize!!

Here is today's question!!
Where do you get your crafty inspiration from?

Shannon- I get most of my crafty inspiration from Pintrest. 
I click on Pintrest and I don't resurface for hours!!
 I also use Google Images but mostly Pintrest. 

AngelaHuge fan of google images!
 I love Pinterest too, but always tend go to google first.

Kim- In addition to Pinterest, 
where I much time,
 I follow a number of blogs. 
I'd say Jennifer McGuire is my biggest source of inspiration,
 but a close second is Dawn Griffith.
 I'm also big into taking classes that interest me.

Sue- Sometimes I just kind of run into things
 in different places online and find things I want to try.

Marji- I usually just go with my own thoughts. If I try to copy something it rarely turns out.

Veronica- I usually get it from Pinterest, 
and CTMH idea books are also my favorites.
 But, sometimes I get a picture of something in my mind and try to get it done.

Connie- I love the Close to my Heart idea books.
I also love looking at other blogs, pinterest, and I like to google sketches.

So there you have it!!
Now it's time to let us know where you get your inspiration!!
Also, got a question for us...don't be shy, ask us!!

Remember you still have a few more days to enter Connie's Monthly Challenge!!


  1. Great question! I wonder how ever did we survive before Pinterest and Google?

  2. I get most of my craft inspiration from blogs that I follow. LOVE browsing blogs to see what people make, and for tips on technique.

  3. As for my question to you. What do you do with the cards and projects that you make? Do you give them away or let them pile up?

  4. I get my nspiration from blogs and YouTube videos. Sometimes I scraplift a card from someone's blog that I really like.


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