Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Cricut Mats are finally here!

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I have so many projects in the works right now! I can't wait to show them off but you are going to have to be patient with me. LOL!
Meanwhile I thought why not post about the new Cricut Mats. I am sure you have seen these items. Did you buy any? Did they work? I'd love to hear some feedback from you so please feel free to post a comment below. I am just so happy they are trying to improve things!!
New formulations. Extraordinary results


Introducing a line of three cutting mats specially designed for the different materials you use with your Cricut® electronic cutting machine!
The three different mats guarantee extraordinary results with materials ranging from vellum to vinyl to chipboard. Each one has been designed from the ground up to be long lasting and provide just the right level of tack for different materials. Plus, the mats are designed to allow easier removal of the material when you're done cutting!

Best performance with lightweight materials
The long-lasting LightGrip mat allows you to easily cut and remove common office printer paper, vellum, light cardstock, and more.
Best performance with medium-weight materials
The StandardGrip mat offers improved performance for a wide range of mediumweight materials, including patterned paper, vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock.
Best performance with heavyweight materials
The StrongGrip mat offers a strong hold surface perfect for heavyweight materials. It’s our longest lasting mat featuring double life adhesive technology.

This chart is super helpful!

We went back to the lab to develop new mat formulations that improved both performance and lifespan. (While we were at it, we added a pattern to make them better-looking, too!) After we tested the mats in development, we sent them to Cricut® users for further tests with different materials. The results? Overwhelmingly positive. Some of our testers’ reviews are below:
"I love how the mat was sticky enough to hold my paper in place but my paper was so easily removed when my cuts were completed. "None of my paper tore trying to remove the cuts, which has ALWAYS happened with prior mats."
"The tackiness of the mat was perfect. It held heavier cardstock firmly and I could use it with thinner cardstock and patterned paper without the pieces tearing upon removal. Release of the paper from the mat was smooth, even for delicate edges."

"The mat was ready to use immediately because the 'stickiness' was right. It held the paper, vinyl, heavy cardstock, and fabric in place while cutting. Once cut the diecut was easy to remove from the mat with no wrinkling or tearing. I also like how pretty it is!"
"I have been using the mat daily for multiple projects and I am impressed by how sticky it has remained. To give you an idea, I have been making tags for Christmas... I have cut out well over 200 images and the mat is still tacky." 
Sounds so good to me! What do you all think?
As always Scrappy Hugs and thanks for hanging out with me today! 

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