Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Question Of The Week

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Hello all, it's been a minute but we are bringing it back!
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Today's question is a two parter

-Do you have supplies that you have had for years and not used? 
Why do you keep them?

Shannon- I love this question!!  I am usually pretty good about this. My annual crop has a garage sale so once a year all us ladies get together and sell or swap goods!! It is awesome!! If a had to pick something though, I would be a paper hoarder. You can never have too much!! Plus the second you get rid of it, you need it!!

AngelaYes! I have stacks upon stacks of paper! And my 
bind it all. I pull it out maybe once a year. Need to get rid of it all!

Kim- Oh my, yes! As a matter of fact I'm going through all my old stuff this week and giving what I know I'll never use to the local senior center for their arts and crafts. Some of the things I unearthed I'm not even sure how to use or why I got them in the first place.

Sue- YES!!! Some things I haven't used because I can't replace them. Why do I keep them? In case I just might need them sometime. I'm thinking about hooking my Imagine up one last time and use up all the ink I have left printing papers then I can pack it and it's cartridges up and put them out into the garage.

Veronica- Oh yes, I'm a terrible craft hoarder. I need to start giving again what I don't need. Hopefully soon. I get attached to pretty paper, stickers, and cutting machines.

Marji- Gosh....paper, tons of paper, I buy it because it's cute then don't want to use it because it's cute

Connie- Sadly yes! I have a few things I have been hoarding like my Big Bite eyelet setter, my Twilling kit, and my label maker. I just know if I get rid of them I am going to need them! LOL!  And honestly they are not worth much and don't take up much room so I just keep them!

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  1. Sounds like me!! I have things I have not used in years. Whenever I go to a big crop in my area, there is usually a swap table and I bring stuff and put on it for other people to take.

  2. Here in Florida when we have to leave our home because of a hurricane, what one and only one item from your craft area would take with you? I really thought we'd come home to nothing but land and we were so fortunate when Hurricane Matthew came through as others weren't.

    Also, we have a small Mom and Pop store that does a garage sale for you. It cost 10% of what you are selling. You price it and bring it to the store. They hold the sale and handle everything. Whatever you make from the sale you have to spend at the store. This is a win-win for both. Especially with the Mom and Pop stores being an almost dying breed.

    1. Bunny,
      Where in FL are you? Secretly hoping that store is someplace local enough to me! LOL

  3. Oh my gosh, don't even get me started...! I have so many really old items that I just can't seem to toss or give away. I do donate a lot of papers and ribbon etc. to the local senior center, and I give many of my flat stickers to my two granddaughters to use. However, I have so many papers that I just keep shuffling around and end up keeping. I also have a whole collection of deco scissors that I rarely use, except for two or three of them, and even a really, really old circle cutter that is bulky, unwieldy, and has never been used! A friend gave it to me when she cleared out her garage and I have much better ones, so it still sits in the box in my garage!! Eeek! I keep thinking that the day will come when these unused items will come in handy but in reality, they will probably never get used. Oh yes, and ask me how many eyelet setters I have, haha! Once I got my Cropadile, those noisy eyelet setters were history.

  4. Forgot to answer. I have been a paper hoarder and this yr my resolution is to use up the paper I have. So far I'm good and have only bought 2 pieces of white glitter cardstock since I did not have any more.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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